Loki's Rank 1 outfit consists of a thigh-length green winter coat, a black vest, a yellow shirt, a black tie, and black pants. He's holding a short scepter with a round top.

Loki's Rank 3 outfit is midway between his two outfits. The coat is now knee-length and has yellow accents, and the scepter now has a pointed top. He is also wearing a helm with gold horns. Overall, this outfit is very similar to what Loki wears in the Agent of Asgard comic.

Loki's Rank 5 outfit is his full costume. His coat is now shin-length, and he's wearing a green tunic under it. His scepter now has a longer point. The horns on his helm are dramatically bigger than they were for Rank 3. This outfit is very similar to his costume in the films.