• Loki being obsessed with dancing has become a running joke within the fandom (and leaping into the game itself) because so many of his earlier Missions required that he Master The Dance Floor. Because of this, for many players Loki was a non-stop dancing machine in the early days of the game. He often challenges characters to dancing competitions (if they are unable to do magic competitions).
  • Loki's cologne smells like apples, and he always wears far too much of it. Perhaps to impress someone?
  • He has nicknames for almost all the characters in the game, though it is unsure if this is because he wishes to simply annoy them or if this is because he cannot remember their real names.
  • He likes taunting others and making jokes but his barbs often backfire on him, with his targets often reacting more negatively towards him than expected.
  • Loki shows romantic interest in various characters, regardless of gender, including Iron Man, Union Jack, and Black Widow. He once told Captain Britain that he's "a natural with the ladies".
  • In the quest For My Next Trick..., Pt. 1, Mysterio reveals that there are three people for whom Loki has written a "heartfelt letter" about, though the former are unaware of that fact and the contents of the letters are unknown. The three people are: Black Widow, Union Jack, and Thor, the brother he supposedly hates.
  • The British Invasion Event marks the first time that Loki is the protagonist of a limited time event, owing to the fact that he is the primary magic user in the Academy.
  • Despite not being from Midgard, Loki was able to get a good grasp of chemistry very easily after his tutorial sessions with Tony. He remarks that chemistry is a lot like Asgardian potion making, and that as a child he used to love poisoning people.